About Us
Empowering investors with data & technology
We are a group of passionate, experienced entrepreneurs on a mission to transform investing using data and strategies typically reserved for the Wall Street elite.

Our team has worked on (and with) Wall Street for decades. We’ve built financial technology and software designed to empower people to achieve more.

We understand the power of data and AI to level the playing field and democratize financial solutions for everyone to access and leverage (not just the 1%). That’s why we created Streetbeat – to bring the power of Wall Street (along with our own “special sauce”) to everyone looking for ways to make their hard-earned investments work harder and go further.

Streetbeat takes a client-first approach with everything we do, constantly looking for new ways to create and offer investing advantages that generate real results. Our goal is never to just meet expectations, but to blow those expectations away and raise the bar on what an investing strategy should be.

At Streetbeat, we don’t take consumer trust for granted. We work for it; we earn it; we protect it. We know we will only succeed if our clients succeed. We’re on this journey together. Join us!
About Streetbeat
Streetbeat is funded by top Fintech VCs who believe in our mission
Streetbeat is an SEC registered investment advisor
Streetbeat is a graduate of Stanford University’s StartX accelerator
Our team
All members of the team work united to offer our clients the best experience. We have attracted the best professionals from all around the world.
  • Damian Scavo

    Founder & CEO
    Founded 3 startups in Europe and Silicon Valley, with 3 exits.

    12 years of experience in Algo-Trading, High Frequency Trading and Data Trading, with $1B in monthly volumes by the age of 26.

    20+years of experience in startups.

    Managed 180+ bank and hedge fund customers by the age of 22 and has written over 30 patents.
  • Maciej Donajski
    Co-founder and CTO
    Was CTO at Axwave which he
    co-founded with Damian (Axwave was acquired by SambaTV, a billion dollar company from San Francisco)

    Has 8 patents.

    Over 12 years of experience leading tech teams in startup environments.

    Degrees in Software Engineering and Economics.
  • Cameron Meierhoefer
    Chief Operating Officer
    Cameron joined comScore (nasdaq:SCOR) in 2001 that achieved a successful IPO in 2007. He led the data product development and scaled the business to over 1200 people. He left in 2018 after serving 6 years as Chief Operating officer.

    After comScore, Cameron served as CEO of SignalFrame, a data company, acquired by PwC.
  • Lucas Goraieb
    Head of Mobile Product
    20 Years of experience in software development in leadership position.

    Head of product development in 2 billion dollars companies: Cookpad and 8Sleep.

    Created his own videogames with million of downloads as a side hustle since 2010.
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