Artificial Intelligence
There are two approaches to trading and investing: action and reaction.
Action Investors
Action Investors (Fundamental Investors) use past data and future predictions about the economy to estimate the fair value of a stock. If the price is lower than the fair price, they buy. If the stock price is higher than the fair value, they sell.
Reaction Investors
Reaction Investors (Systematic Investors) base their investment decisions on a different model. They do not try to predict the future, they just react to changes in the market conditions. This means that they are dependent on the behavior of the Action Investors, who are the first movers.
Streetbeat’s solution
Streetbeat combines the best of both worlds. Our algorithms are built to analyze massive volumes of data, like the Action Investors, and to react quickly to market changes, like the Reaction Investors. This makes our AI algorithms optimized to bring
superior performance to our clients.
Data and Artificial Intelligence in your hands
Like Action Investors, we analyze data such as: credit card usage, GPS, social sentiment and app usage (and so much more) to create predictions of future trends of the market.

Then, like Reaction Investors, we take advantage of the short term movements of the market. We use the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process the information extracted from the data to predict the short term movement of the market.
Take the guessing out of investing
Looking at daily or yearly graphs, both are marked by highs and lows. If you ever tried trading or investing you have probably noticed that it is almost impossible to predict the movements of the market. This is because the market is full of noise.

Streetbeat helps you navigate through these highs and lows. Leveraging data and Artificial Intelligence, our algorithms are designed to take the guessing out of your investing process.
Stop relying on your 6th sense for your investing decisions.
Switch to data, math and statistics. Switch to Streetbeat!

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