Streetbeat App Store Disclosures
Streetbeat is an easy-to-use, free (1) investing & trading app for everything from stocks to ETFs and crypto/DeFi with Streetbeat Digital.
Streetbeat has democratized the data and investing strategies used by Hedge Funds and the top 1% to empower everyday investors to trade like the pros and reap the rewards. That’s why Streetbeat customers have earned a 4X increase in positive returns vs. manual trading.*
Whether you want to choose your own investments or let Streetbeat auto-invest for you via one of our professional strategies, you’ll have the power of Streetbeat’s unique data and insights at your fingertips.
The Streetbeat app has the features of the most popular investment apps + several that are entirely new – all rolled into a single app.
  • Short-term & long-term investing strategies
  • Buy stocks & fractional shares
  • Commission-free US stock market trading*
  • Auto-investing (think Robo Advice but better!)
  • Buy bitcoin, Etherium, and many more crypto currencies!

Please read important legal disclosures that apply to your relationship with Streetbeat. You can find it our library here.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of money you invest, and past performance does not guarantee future performance.

Certain services ("Services") offered through our mobile app are offered only in jurisdictions where it is legal to do so. The availability of the Services over the Internet is not a solicitation for or offering of the Services to any person in any jurisdiction where such solicitation or offer is illegal. We reserve the right to limit the availability of the Services to any person, geographic area, or jurisdiction at any time and at our sole discretion. We make no representation that the Services are appropriate or available for use in locations outside of the United States or that accessing our mobile app is legally permitted in countries or territories where the Services may be illegal. If you access the Services from other locations, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with local laws.

* Although trading occurs free of commission, relevant SEC & FINRA fees may apply.

** Streetbeat, LLC ("Streetbeat") is an SEC-registered investment adviser.Streetbeat has partnered with Alpaca Securities, LLC for brokerage services on behalf of our clients. Alpaca Securities, LLC, is an SEC-registered broker-dealer, and FINRA/SIPC member. Cryptocurrency trading and exchange services are offered by Alpaca Crypto LLC.

*** APYs reflect effective yield based on annual compounding. Yield may vary. Rates are largely dictated by market conditions, which are a key factor in a company's ability to provide its clients yield on crypto assets.

(1) Other charges and fees may apply

(2) Partners charge a 0.2% conversion rate