Up to $8,000
in bonuses
Data-driven decisions
Discover the data that power our algorithms
Data-driven insights
The big hedge funds have an advantage over retail investors: data, technology and the top data scientists. Streetbeat closes this gap. We created Streetbeat with a mission to make Wall Street-level investment data and strategies – typically reserved for the 1% - available to everyone.
How does it work?
Streetbeat’s algorithms are designed to work with the same data that the big hedge funds use. Data such as credit card transactions, mobile GPS, social sentiment and app usage. These datasets are anonymized and aggregated into a collection of data called a data lake, which powers our algorithms. Our algorithms process millions of data signals to make predictive insights into potential market behavior. While no algorithm is 100% accurate, our strategies are outperforming market indexes, so we know our algorithms are working.
What can we predict?
Our algorithms are built to predict the short-term movements of the market. For example, one of our strategies analyzes earnings call hits and misses to determine buy/sell opportunities in advance of the actual earnings announcement. This is one of many ways in which our data algorithms are scanning public and private information to process and predict market moves that benefit our clients in the short- and long-term.
Why our strategies win
We are so confident about our strategies that we are rewarding clients that fund their Streetbeat account with incremental bonuses. So, the more you invest, the more you receive in bonuses.

You might be wondering why they are giving away such big bonuses?
We believe that our investing strategies will help you increase your investing power and achieve bigger upsides.

In exchange we get a happy client that talk about Streetbeat to their friends. When you win, we win.

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