Elevate Your Financial Advisory Practice
Financial advisors face unique challenges, from fragmented technology to a lack of resources and profitability constraints. Eviva.ai understands these challenges and provides innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to empower financial advisors to succeed and grow their advisory practices.
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Grow Your Business
Offer Customizable Portfolios
Craft custom portfolios for clients in real-time, aligning with their unique financial goals, using our AI Investment Advisor. Elevate the client experience and boost retention rates.
No Account Minimums
There are no minimum AUM requirements, enabling you to cater to a diverse clientele, from high-net-worth individuals to retail investors.
Connect Effortlessly with New Customers Referred by Streetbeat
Expand your client base without additional effort and offer advice on client assets held outside the firm.
Offer More Investment Opportunities
Access traditional and digital investments, spanning crypto, ETFs, stocks, and more.
Spend More Time with Clients and Less Time on Manual and Admin Tasks
AI-Powered Portfolio Management
Leverage state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to analyze, construct, trade, and manage high-performing portfolios, all within an integrated Advisor Dashboard.
Comprehensive Currency Access
Onboard cash via ACH, ACAT, Wire transfers, and Debit cards from 40 countries. Seamlessly convert crypto to fiat and vice versa in 140 countries, expanding your investment horizons and those of your clients.
24/7/365 Market Monitoring
Leverage AI for instant decision-making based on real-time data analysis of analyst ratings, news, earnings, regulations, and stock price changes in an instant.
Automate Pre-Trade to Post-Trade Tasks
 This includes the ability to rebalance hundreds of portfolios in a matter of minutes based on real-time data analysis.
Increase Profitability and Client Retention
Profit-Sharing Mechanism
Retain a 75% share of client-imposed fees as your profit, enhancing your revenue streams.
Yield Boosting
Offer an impressive 4.85% yield on cash, a key differentiator in enhancing client satisfaction and retention.
Transparent Fee Structure and Reporting
Enjoy complete control over fee settings and provide your clients with detailed, transparent financial reports.
Free Trading, More Margins
Enable free trading for your clients, thereby increasing their profit margins and boosting client loyalty.
Scale your Business
Use technology to Increase efficiencies and reduce constraints in servicing accounts of all sizes so you can take on smaller clients profitably while servicing affluent clients with increasingly complex needs.
Witness your client base flourish as you tap into new markets and serve clients with diverse financial backgrounds.
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