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How do I open a trading account on StreetBeat?
To open and account, download the StreetBeat app from the Apple or Google Play store, sign in with your email address and provide the needed info to open your trading account.
How long does it take for my trading application to be approved?
It typically takes between 1-3 business days.
Do I actually own the shares I buy through StreetBeat?
Yes. You own the shares as soon as your trade is executed.
How can I add funds to my account?
You can transfer funds by connecting your bank account or doing a direct wire transfer.
How can I withdraw my funds?
Just enter the bank account info and your funds will be sent to your bank within....
How do I contact customer support?
You can contact customer support by emailing us at
Can I use StreetBeat to buy and sell stocks?
Yes, you can. But only stocks that are currently traded in the US markets.
Can I place a limit order?
Yes. you can place market orders, limit orders, stop orders, stop limit orders, and trailing stop orders.
Can I short stocks on StreetBeat?
Not at the current moment. Shorting stocks will be available in the future.
Is it possible to set a stop loss?
Does StreetBeat have extended hours trading?
StreetBeat does have extended hours trading. You can trade from....
Can I buy fractional shares?
What is the minimum trading amount?
There is a $1 minimum for any trade.
Is trading free?
Yes. Buying and selling stocks outside of the trading signals is free.
Can I transfer stocks to and from StreetBeat?
Yes, you can. To do this, ....
What are trading signals?
StreetBeat uses data not readily available to the public and machine learning to crawl stocks with upcoming earning calls. Trading signals are the stocks or groups of stocks that have a better than average possibility of positive movement.
What is alternative data?
Alternative data is data that is not readily available to the public. Some examples of alternative data include, credit card data, satellite photos, etc.
How often do signals appear?
It vaires on the time of year. During peak earning calls season, you can expect a signal almost every day.
Do I have to pay a subscription fee to receive signals?
No, receiving signals is completely free.
How many stocks are in each signal?
It varies. Each signal contains between 1-20 stocks.
What is a multiorder?
A multiorder executes multiple trades at a single time. This is done by investing in a signal.
Can I invest different amounts in each stock within a signal?
Yes, you can control which stocks to invest in and how much to invest within every signal.
How does the auto close feature work?
You can turn on the auto close feature when you invest in a signal. The auto close feature automatically executes the sale of a position the next trading day.
How long can you have an open position in a signal?
You can hold the positions as long as you want.
Is there a commission with trading signals?
Yes. The commission for trading signals is....
Is it possible for trading signals to lose money?
Yes. As with any trade, you can gain or lose money.
How potential earnings is calculated?
This is solely based on historical earnings