Every fiscal quarter, public companies must disclose their financial results. They do this through an earnings call. Sometimes, companies’ results are better than expected and sometimes worse. Whatever the outcome, it is very likely that it will impact the price of its shares.

Whenever there is a significant discrepancy between analyst expectations and predictions, we generate a trading signal.
Our AI algorithm processes thousands of trading signals per day but only few are selected and executed to make sure that the risk involved in each trade is compatible with your risk profile.
This is how our Flagship Stock strategy works and what we train our algorithms for.
How does it work?
Why choose this strategy?
Let the performance talk.
Results are based upon an “moderate” risk profile with an account value of $400 or more and are shown net of fees. Results based on price variations since inception 01/27/22 to 09/30/22 and 07/01/22 to 9/30/22. “Illustrative Benchmarks” include S&P500 Index. Flagship Stock does not mirror that of the Illustrative Benchmarks and the volatility may be materially different. Results for Flagship strategies as compared to the performance of Illustrative Benchmarks and may not reflect actual future performance.
This is a fully managed investment strategy. Once you allocate funds to Flagship Stocks, we buy and sell stocks automatically for you. No additional actions are needed from your side.
What do I have to do?
No. Our unique data and AI techniques process public and private data in real-time to create predictive buy/sell “signals”. We use those signals to make trade decisions for you based on your risk profile.
Is this just another robo advisor?
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