Data-Driven Strategies
Our algorithmic strategies are designed to mitigate the investing friction and generate opportunities.
  • Streetbeat algorithms are designed to auto-trade stocks using real-time signals derived from 1B+ daily data points.

  • Flagship Crypto Strategy
    This stablecoin strategy is an alternative way to diversify and generate passive income, delivering competitive automatic yields.
  • Manual Trading
    Want to make your own trade decisions? You can. U.S. Stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies - trade them all, all in one app. ¹
At Streetbeat, we’re re-inventing investing,
making it more accessible for everyone
    Algorithmic Investing
    Tired of trying to beat the street on your own? At Streetbeat, we’re re-inventing investing to make it more accessible, more profitable and more evolved for everyone.

    By merging hedge fund-level quant trading with decentralized finance (but you don’t need to be a data scientist to take advantage). Our proprietary data and auto-trading algorithms are your investing advantage.
    Data-driven insights
    We created Streetbeat with a mission to make Wall Street level investment data and strategies – typically reserved for the 1% - available to everyone.
    What Data do we use?
    Our algorithms are designed to process an incredible amount of data from public and private sources, 24x7.

    Currently, we are focusing on:

    • Credit and debit card transactions
    • Mobile app usage
    • Mobile GPS
    • Social Sentiment
    ¹ Streetbeat has partnered with Alpaca Securities, LLC for brokerage services on behalf of our clients. Alpaca Securities, LLC, is an SEC-registered broker-dealer, and FINRA/SIPC member (“Alpaca”). Securities in your account are protected up to $500,000. For details, please visit Although trading occurs free of commission, relevant SEC & FINRA fees may apply. Please see Commissions and Fees listing our fee schedule and Alpaca’s fee schedule.